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For over tweny years, ROMANS INDUSTRIE mission has been dedicated to the development and the production of orthopeadic temporary use shoes, with the main concern being to deliver shoes simple to put on, comfortable, and having a good feet hold to meet the expectations of the surgical teams and to improve patient’s well-being.
ROMANS INDUSTRIE designs, manufactures and distributes medical shoes to treat forefoot pathologies. Our head office located in Romans sur Isère controls each step of its products lifecycle: design, prototyping, production

and distribution.

Relying on a network of expert surgeons in foot and ankle, ROMANS INDUSTRIE is working on the continuous improvement of its products, the development of new technics and the permanent interests to patient satisfaction.

Our presence :

  • In France : 2000 in number, our partners are all concerned by well-being.
    Thanks to this national network, ROMANS INDUSTRIE shoes are available within a period of 48h ;

  • Internationally: network is established in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and accounts for 25% of the company turnover ;

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